SaltConf16 Pre-Conference Training

(Some courses have reached or are nearing capacity)

All new content this year

SaltConf16 Pre-Conference Training includes all new content this year and is only available to registered attendees of the SaltConf16 main conference. The price of pre-conference training is $500.

SSCE exam included

SaltStack is offering the SaltStack Certified Engineer certification exam at SaltConf16 to pre-conference training attendees free of charge (usually $350). SSCE certification exams will be available exclusively to SaltConf16 attendees and to individuals who have previously taken SaltStack regional or on-site training courses. The SaltConf16 agenda lists exam registration windows.

SaltConf16 pre-conference training will be held on Tuesday, April 19 and offers six all-new training courses each focusing on SaltStack best practices and recommended usage and include hands-on labs in addition to instruction. The SaltConf16 training content and format is exclusive and unique to SaltConf16 attendees.

SaltConf16 pre-conference training courses fit all SaltStack skill levels and orientations. Each pre-conference training course lasts three hours and is offered at 9:00 AM or 1:00 PM, with two courses repeating in both the morning and the afternoon. SaltStack will also offer a condensed version of three pre-conference training courses (*noted below) as breakout sessions that do not include the hands-on lab segment of the course.

The SaltConf16 pre-conference training courses include (full descriptions provided below):

  • Introduction to SaltStack Enterprise*
  • Tuning SaltStack
  • Predictive Orchestration with SaltStack*
  • Managing Windows with SaltStack*
  • Developing Salt Modules and the Salt RESTful API
  • Advanced SaltStack Concepts

SaltConf16 pre-conference training prerequisites

  • Bring your own laptop with an SSH client for access to the hands-on lab environment;
  • Understand basic Linux CLI commands;
  • Proficient operating in a BASH environment with text editors such as VI/VIM, EMACS or Nano;
  • Appropriate beginner, intermediate or advanced SaltStack experience as defined per each session description.

A few additional details:

  • SaltConf16 Pre-Conference Training is available for $500 as an add on to the full SaltConf16 rate.
  • SaltConf16 Pre-Conference Training is reserved for SaltConf16 conference attendees.
  • To preserve quality of instruction and experience, each course will be limited to approximately 75 attendees. Some courses have reached capacity or will soon. Register to secure your seat.
  • Training is delivered by SaltStack Certified Trainers and SaltStack software engineers.
  • One seating for the SaltStack Certified Engineer exam is offered to SaltConf16 pre-conference training attendees. The exam will be available on Tuesday from 4-6pm and on Wednesday and Thursday from 1:45-2:45pm. Visit the SaltConf16 registration and information desk for more information and to get access to the exam.

Introduction to SaltStack Enterprise*

Target Audience: Beginner / Intermediate
This session provides an introduction to the new SaltStack Enterprise product line including the use of the new SaltStack console to expose the power and insight of SaltStack to manage tasks and visualize infrastructure and application environments. This course includes a hands-on lab that will walk through SaltStack Enterprise highlights, setting user and group permissions, job and task creation, Minion targeting, and basic reporting.

  • Training course and hands-on lab
  • Duration: Three hours
  • Offered: 9:00am or 1:00pm

Tuning SaltStack

Target Audience: Intermediate
This course provides instruction and hands-on labs for tuning and troubleshooting Salt components. Attendees will learn how to read log files, utilize logging levels, and view and analyze Salt events. During the hands-on lab attendees will properly configure Salt to avoid invalid settings, malformed states and integration issues. Instruction on troubleshooting tips and best practices will be presented.

  • Training course and hands-on lab
  • Duration: Three hours
  • Offered: 9:00am

Predictive Orchestration with SaltStack*

Target Audience: Intermediate
SaltStack provides intelligent orchestration via event-driven automation via orchestration states. This course demonstrates how to use Salt Reactors, Beacons and the Salt state system to coordinate complex, multi-layers provisioning and configuration routines. The hands-on lab component of this course will require an Apache deployment with multiple virtual hosts building out additional components throughout the course. Attendees will see how SaltStack predictive orchestration coordinates provisioning and configuration activities across data center and cloud environments.

  • Training course and hands-on lab
  • Duration: Three hours
  • Offered: 9:00am or 1:00pm

Managing Windows with SaltStack*

Target Audience: Beginner
This course will focus on using SaltStack to manage Windows environments. Attendees will learn how to deploy Windows software, provision users, manage files, configure services, and utilize Desired State Configuration (DSC). The hands-on lab will include deployment of a Windows server in the cloud. Instruction will be provided on using SaltStack for Windows software management, utilization of a Windows repo for software deployments, and use of the Windows update module to manage Windows patches. Other topics include enabling Windows services and setting permissions for provisioned users.

  • Training course and hands-on lab
  • Duration: Three hours
  • Offered: 9:00am

Developing Salt Modules and the Salt RESTful API

Target Audience: Intermediate
This course focuses on the development of Salt execution modules, state modules and the use of the Salt RESTful API.  Instruction will be given about available dictionaries, cross-calling modules and return structures. The session will also demonstrate how to make calls to the Salt RESTful API. Examples will show how to call functions, target Salt Minions, manage keys, view jobs and see the event system. The course includes hands-on lab components showing how to not only write modules, but how to properly implement them.

  • Training course and hands-on lab
  • Duration: Three hours
  • Offered: 1:00pm

Advanced SaltStack Concepts

Target Audience: Advanced
This training ​course ​provides a deep look into several new SaltStack projects coming out of the SaltStack Labs. Thomas Hatch, SaltStack CTO, and Mike Place, SaltStack ​senior ​software engineer, will focus the content of this course on ​the ​new Salt State ​c​ompil​e​r and ​​runtime​, on Salt Thorium as the next​-​generation schedul​er​ and React​or extensions, on Salt Tornado as the pure TCP transport for Salt, and on the new SaltStack Enterprise API and data abstraction layer as the ultimate point of control for Salt and third-party events and data. These SaltStack capabilities inject even more speed, scale and intelligence into SaltStack automation for​ ​modern infrastructure.

  • Training course
  • Duration: Three hours
  • Offered: 1:00pm

* A summarized version of select training courses will also be offered as a 50-minute breakout session during the main conference. These courses will not provide a hands-on lab learning experience.