SaltConf17 Speakers

Nov. 2 – 3


Marc Chenn


Thomas Hatch


Alex Peay


Richard Steck


Joe Werner & Don Vosburg


John Bellone


Mert Cubukcuoglu

Tyson Foods

Patrick Swartz

Breakout Sessions
Nov. 2 – 3

SaltStack Use Cases

SaltStack Tech Talks

Christer Edwards

Adobe computer scientist, software developer

Security & Compliance Auditing with HubbleStack

Patrick Swartz

Tyson Foods lead technical analyst

Automating IT with SaltStack Enterprise

Mark Hopper


Getting Started with Salt

Charles Ruffino


A Demonstration of SaltStack Orchestration for Docker Containers

Benjamin Allen

BlueTarp Financial SecOps engineer

Automagic Security Hardening & Auditing With SaltStack

Mircea Ulinic

Cloudflare network systems engineer

Orchestrating Network Devices with SaltStack

Alex Peay


SaltStack Enterprise Compliance Solution

Gary Richmond


Event-Driven Infrastructure with SaltStack Reactor and Beacons

Craig Sebenik

Crunchbase infrastructure engineer

Taste Testing SaltStack

Christian McHugh

Dun & Bradstreet DevOps leader

Controlling the Power of SaltStack Across an Enterprise IT Organization

Megan Wilhite


How to Debug Salt

Nicole Thomas


The Anatomy of a Salt Job

Emily Freeman

Kickbox developer advocate

Humpty Dumpty – A Story of DevOps Gone Wrong

Hoi Tsang & David Kennedy

KPMG associate director & director of infrastructure, automation and cloud

SaltStack for Windows Management at Scale

Mike Place


Powerful Salt Plugins

Seth House


SaltStack Configuration Management Best Practices

Benjamin Nied

LinkedIn senior site reliability engineer

Breaking Production for Fun and Profit with SaltStack

William Cannon

hospitalityPulse infrastructure architect

Introducing Salt Check for Easy Salt State Logic Validation

Rob Hilberding


Windows Management and Security with SaltStack

Thomas Hatch


Open Q&A with Tom

Dave Neeley

Motorola Solutions site reliability engineer

Salt Package Manager for Orchestrated Software Development

Ruth Grace Wong

Pinterest site reliability engineer

FlameGraph That! Self-Service Profiling with SaltStack and Rundeck

Erik Johnson


Understanding Salt Support for Docker Management

Dave Giles


An Overview of SaltStack Enterprise

Jeremy McMillan

SAP senior sysadmin consultant

SaltStack Orchestration to Simplify Operational Complexity

Tyler Christiansen

Sauce Labs network architect

Self-Healing Networks and Real-Time Network Response

C. R. Oldham


Network Automation and Edge Device Control with Salt

Gareth Greenaway


SaltStack for Developers

Vernan Cole & Dr. Clarissa Cole

Sling TV senior software QA engineer & Teacher

From Bootstrap to Salt Cloud – A SaltStack Crash Course

Stephan Looney & Tyler Jones

Sterling Talent Solutions director of sysops & senior SRE lead

Powering a Next-Gen NOC and Self-Service Portal with SaltStack Enterprise

Daniel Wallace


How to Test Salt States

Gary Richmond


Event-Driven Orchestration for the Modern Data Center

Alexander Thaller

Trivago senior system architect

Best Practices for Enterprise-Scale SaltStack

Jason Poon, Ryan Staatz

Microsoft senior software engineer, LogDNA head of DevOps

Using SaltStack to Provision and Configure Infrastructure on Azure

David Christensen


SaltStack Topologies for High Availability, Failover and Security

Thomas Hatch


Grokking Salt Architecture and Design Paradigms

Manjiri Gadagkar & Rajul Vora

Ruckus Wireless principal engineer & Cloudopia principal consultant

Using SaltStack to Migrate Services from VMs to Microservices Running on Kubernetes and Agnostic Cloud

Justin Bradfield

Cazena senior software engineer

Orchestrating the Complexity of a Production Infra Upgrade with Salt

Joseph Hall


Agentless Salt Automation

Thomas Hatch


The Salt State Compiler for Simply Powerful Configuration Management

Brandon James & Justin McMillion

Sunayu CEO & CTO

Managing a Docker Swarm with SaltStack for Highly Available Applications

Joe Werner

SUSE senior product manager

Salt Formulas with Forms and PXE Boot for Retail Infrastructure Management

Alex Peay


New SaltStack Enterprise Solutions and Near-Term Product Roadmap

Thomas Jackson principal infrastructure engineer

A SaltStack Journey – From Selection to Scale Out

Klaus Kämpf & Pablo Suárez Hernández

SUSE product owner & SUSE backend software engineer

Salt at SUSE for Continuous Integration, Infrastructure Management, and Quality Assurance

Theodore Cowan & Wes Novack

Pluralsight DevOps engineer & systems engineer

Command and Control Infrastructure with Salt Remote Execution Modules

Ales Komarek

Mirantis cloud architect

Our Journey with Salt and OpenStack

Tyler Cuoto, Zile Rehman, Todd Wells

Certain, Nyansa, Riskalyze

Three SaltStack Use Cases for Managing Amazon Web Services

Justin Kerr

Zenoss DevOps administrator

Connecting IT to Cloud with Intelligent Automation for the Software-Defined Data Center