SaltConf18 Pre-Conference Training

Twelve new courses for both SaltStack Enterprise customers and Salt Open users

All-New Content

SaltConf18 Pre-Conference Training includes all-new content this year and is only available to registered Saltconf18 main conference attendees.

We have so much new content, we had to add another full day to the agenda! Two days of pre-conference training cost $600, one day costs $400, or make sure to take advantage of the SaltConf18 early-bird registration discount.

SSCE Exam Included

SaltStack is offering the SaltStack Certified Engineer certification exam at SaltConf18 to pre-conference training attendees free of charge (usually $350).

SSCE certification exams will be available exclusively to SaltConf18 attendees and to individuals who have previously taken SaltStack regional or on-site training courses. The SaltConf18 agenda lists exam registration windows.

SaltConf18 pre-conference training will be held on Monday, Sept. 10, and Tuesday, Sept. 11. We had to add a second day of training to accommodate twice the amount of content. The SaltConf18 Pre-Conference Training schedule is exactly the same on both days and offers 12 unique courses. You will be able to attend three courses if you sign up for one day and six courses if you sign up for two days. Courses start at 10:30 am, 1:30 pm, and 3:45 pm each day.

The SaltConf18 training content and format is unique to SaltConf18 and teaches SaltStack best practices and recommended usage with each course, offering a hands-on lab component. SaltConf18 Pre-Conference Training courses are built for beginner, intermediate, and advanced SaltStack users, and are organized into tracks for SaltStack Enterprise, Salt Open, and specialized use cases. Each pre-conference training course lasts two hours and is offered once per day.

SaltStack will also offer a condensed version of seven of the 12 pre-conference training courses (*noted below) as main conference breakout sessions. These breakout sessions do not include the hands-on lab segment of the training course and go into less technical detail.

Additional details:

  • While course descriptions are provided below, you will be able to add desired classes to your pre-conference training agenda when registering for the conference.
  • SaltConf18 Pre-Conference Training is available for $600 (two days) or $400 (one day) as an add-on to the SaltConf18 main conference registration.
  • SaltConf18 Pre-Conference Training is only available to SaltConf18 main conference attendees.
  • To preserve quality of instruction and experience, each course will be limited to approximately 75 attendees, and classes will reach capacity.
  • Training is delivered by SaltStack Certified Trainers and SaltStack software engineers.
  • One sitting for the SaltStack Certified Engineer exam is offered to SaltConf18 pre-conference training attendees. The exam will be available on Monday–Thursday during SaltConf18. Visit the SaltConf18 registration and information desk for more information and to get access to the exam.

SaltConf18 Pre-Conference Training course descriptions will be added to this page when SaltConf18 registration opens in the Spring of 2018.