SaltConf16 Speakers and Talks

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Marc Chenn, Thomas Hatch, Matt Meservey

IBM Cloud SoftLayer

Simon Kofkin-Hansen, Michael Elder

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Paul Durzan


Joe Werner, Don Vosburg


Steven Gonzales


Vipul Shah with guest, Nitin Madhok of Clemson University

SaltStack Use Cases

SaltStack Tech

Alejandro del Castillo

National Instruments principal software engineer

Automating the Management of Embedded Devices Using SaltStack

Syed Ali

Pure Storage site reliability engineering manager

Continuous Integration and Deployment using SaltStack

Nicole Thomas & Mark Hopper


Getting Started with SaltStack

Charles Ruffino & Rob Booth


SaltStack Orchestration for Containers and Microservices

Ryan Currah

Canadian Tire senior technology planner

Automating Your Salt Tests

Joseph Hughes

Aetna Insurance senior infrastructure engineer

SaltStack for CI (Continuous Infrastructure)

Dave Boucha & Dave Giles


SaltStack for Intelligent Configuration Drift Remediation and Security

Daniel Wallace & Gary Richmond


Event-Driven Infrastructure with SaltStack Reactor and Beacons

Stephan Looney

Sterling Backcheck director of automation

From Zero to Automated with SaltStack

Anthony Shaw

Dimension Data head of innovation

Multi-Cloud Management with SaltStack and IT Service Management

Raine Curtis & Rob Hilberding


Tuning SaltStack

Matt Meservey & Rob Booth


Introduction to SaltStack Enterprise 5.0

Ron Williams

U.S. Department of Agriculture platform architect

Building Web Platforms at Scale with SaltStack and Docker

Ryan Lane

Lyft DevOps engineer

Masterless SaltStack

Mike Place & Raine Curtis


Top Secret SaltStack Plugins

Seth House & Gary Richmond


SaltStack Configuration Management Best Practices

Steven Braverman

Dun & Bradstreet DevOps engineer

Integration Testing for Salt States Using AWS EC2 Container Service

William Cannon

hospitalityPulse infra architect

Auto-Scaling and On-Demand Deployment of Custom Applications Using SaltStack

Rob Hilberding & Shane Lee


SaltStack for Windows and Mac OSX Management

Thomas Hatch


Open Q&A with Tom

Adam Feuer

CookBrite software developer

Building Docker Images with SaltStack

Onno Ebbinge

Dutch Government data centers

Herding Cattle with SaltStack and Targeting via CMDB

Erik Johnson & Charles Ruffino


Salt Renderers

Joseph Hall & Nathan Brooks


SaltStack Package Manager

Christer Edwards

Adobe senior systems administrator

SaltStack for Ops Security, Compliance and Infrastructure Hardening

Love Billingskog Nyberg

Bloglovin site reliability, automation engineer

Intelligent Infrastructure with SaltStack Reactor, Orchestrator and Beacons

C. R. Oldham & Nicole Thomas


Salt Proxy Minion

C. R. Oldham & Adi Kulkarni


SaltStack for Developers

Bogdan Radulescu & Ruxandra Burtica

CloudHero CTO & CloudHero developer

Multi-Cloud Application Deployment, Migration and Configuration with SaltStack

Michael Kehoe

LinkedIn senior site reliability engineer

Using SaltStack to Auto Triage and Remediate Production Systems

Adrián Malaguti & Pedro Algarvio


Automating DevOps with SaltStack and Jenkins

Seth House, Justin Anderson & Justin Findlay


Testing Salt States

Yi Liu & Matt Garrett

Clemson University system programmer & core operations

Using SaltStack and BMC for Automated Incident and Problem Resolution

Drew Adams

OpenX site reliability engineer

Fast Track to Creating a Great Salt Formula

Joseph Hall & Daniel Wallace


SaltStack for Managing Any Cloud or Infrastructure

Thomas Hatch, Mike Place & Joseph Hall


Grokking SaltStack Architecture and Design Paradigms

Sean Rooney, Blaine Southam, C. R. Oldham

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, SaltStack

Automating Bare-Metal Infrastructure with SaltStack and HPE OneView

Todd Tomkinson

Adobe senior software engineer

From Infrastructure to Services, Orchestration at Scale with Salt Proxy Minion

Colton Myers & Nathan Brooks


Salt SSH for Agentless Automation

Jacob Hammons & Seth House


SaltStack Documentation

Joel Crisp | Maciej Bajkowski director of cloud tech | COO

Seamless Docker Orchestration with Saltstack

Nitin Madhok

Clemson University systems developer & programmer

Managing VMware Infrastructure with SaltStack Cloud Management

Megan Wilhite, Rick Holzer & Hunter Cannon


SaltStack Support, Services and Education

Christer Edwards

Adobe senior systems administrator

Integrating a CMDB with SaltStack for Dynamic System Control

Rajul Vora

Cloudopia principal consultant

Integrating Enterprise DNS for Continuous Deployment to Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Issa Fattah

LinkedIn senior site reliability engineer

Couchbase Orchestration and Scaling a Caching Infrastructure at LinkedIn

Corey Quinn

FutureAdvisor director of DevOps

Heresy in the Church of Docker

Amir Pakdel

Radialpoint system automation

Managing an Internal DNS Using SaltStack

Thomas Jackson

LinkedIn senior site reliability engineer

Salt Transport Modularity and Concurrency for the Ultimate Performance and Scale

Ben Hosmer, Colton Myers, Craig Sebenik, Joseph Hall

The SaltStack Book Club

Boris Feld, Craig Sebenik, Gareth Greenaway, Matt Meservey

I See What You Did There – Salty UI Options

Seth Miller & Rob Booth

Nuance architect

Orchestrating Data Center Operations with SaltStack, Zenoss and Slack

Pradnesh Patil, Bruce George & Adi Kulkarni

VMware product manager, Staff integration engineering architect & SaltStack software engineer

Infrastructure and Application Management with SaltStack and VMware vRealize Orchestrator

Chad Heuschober

Virtustream principal software engineer

How the Challenge of Deploying Mesos Revolutionized the Way We Use SaltStack

Eli Ribble

Authentise CTO

Using SaltStack for Event-Driven Continuous Integration

Drew Malone

Cloudera developer

SaltStack is Not Configuration Management (It’s So Much More)

Jason Denning

Cloudera DevOps engineer

It’s 10pm. Do You Know Where Your Infrastructure Is?

Jason Thigpen

Lucid engineer

Coordinating Dev and Prod with SaltStack Formulas and Docker Compose

Martin Hoefling

TNG Technology Consulting senior consultant

From Zero to Web Scale – Automating Digital Growth with SaltStack

Don Vosburg & Joe Werner


Empowering IT to Reduce Complexity and Regain Control with SUSE Manager 3 and SaltStack

Charles Rodetsky

Virtustream principal software engineer

Put Your Formulas in a Formula So You Can Orchestrate Your Orchestration

Hatim Basir

Eagle Seven systems automation engineer

SaltStack for Managing Windows within Private Production Environments

Christian McHugh

Energy Future Holdings DevOps architect

Using SaltStack to DevOps the Enterprise