SaltConf18 Speakers

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SaltConf18 Keynotes
September 12 – 13


Marc Chenn


Thomas Hatch


Alex Peay

Breakout Sessions
September 12 – 13

David Christensen

Origami Risk, Director of IT Operations & Chief Information Officer

Securing Windows Infrastructure with SaltStack

Senthil Eswaran

Linkedin, Staff Engineer

Codifying Operations Workflows: Auto-remediation using SaltStack

Scott Maher

Dwelo, VP of Engineering

The Most Distributed System: How Salt Helps Dwelo Manage Thousands of IoT Devices Across the Country

John Jawed

eBay, Infrastructure Engineer

Automating and Deploying Multi-tenant Salt

Colin Stubbs

Equate Technologies, Technical Director

Salt for Multi-OS Security Hardening, PCI-DSS Compliance & Reporting

Allia DeAngelis

NeuroCoaching, Value Stream Architect | Enterprise Agile Coach

Translating Ops to Dev, crossing the conversation chasm

Chris Reed

DLVR, DevOps Engineer

Wrangling containers with SaltStack and Rancher using custom modules

Rick Rackow

eBay Classifieds Group, Site Reliability Engineer

A fully containerised platform based on infrastructure as code.

Stephan Looney

BE Software, CEO/ Founder

SaltStack Enterprise: A gateway to complex orchestration and the cloud

Doug Reynolds

Carnegie Mellon University, Software Engineer

Provisioning and deployment in a disconnected IoT world

Carson Anderson

Domo, Sr. Cloud Architect

SaltStack Deconstructed

Jeffery Smith

Centro, Director of Production Operations

DevOps, SaltStack and ChatOps

Patrick Swartz

SUSE, Sales Engineer

Orchestrating bare metal with SaltStack and open source technologies

Bo Maryniuk

SUSE, Software Engineer

Salt vs. Ansible

Jon Tegner

FOI, First Scientist

Role-based configuration including provisioning of bare metal using Salt

Thomas Jackson

Principal Infrastructure Engineer

Operations at Scale

Ethan Moore

Rockwell Collins, Systems Administrator

Automated Testing for SaltStack Environments

Pete Woods

Barrick Gold, Enterprise Systems Engineer

Salting Pre-Existing Globally Distributed Infrastructure

Scott Croom

Mary Kay, Technical Architect

Extending your SaltStack installation with AWS Services

Andrew Dampf

Linode, Network Engineer

Salt for Network Engineers

Giancarlo Fanelli

Domotz, Vice President of R&D

SaltStack Addicted: a way to provision thousands of IoT devices

Jacob Weinstock

NetApp, DevOps Engineer

Salt Cloud in Kubernetes for self service VM provisioning

Theodore Cowan

Pluralsight, DevOps Engineer

Kubernetes with Salt and Project Atomic

Tyler Christiansen

Sauce Labs, Network Architect

Building a Test-Driven Network Infrastructure